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Spider-Man 2 PSP


Two years have passed since Peter Parker first hit the streets of New York City as the conflicted crime-fighter Spider-Man. Now he finds himself battling his most diabolical villain yet, the mechanized, multi-tentacled Doc Ock. The nefarious Doc Ock was once Dr. Otto Octavius, a brilliant nuclear physicist. But a freak accident transformed him from a timid researcher to a criminally insane megalomaniac who blames Spider-Man for his horrible transformation. Now the scientist Peter once idolized for his remarkable intellect has marked our web-slinger for death.

As Spider-Man, master new combo moves while you protect the city of Manhattan from the nefarious Doc Ock and other classic Marvel villains. Swing, jump, and wall-crawl through 19 all-new, action-packed levels that extend beyond the film. Experience an unprecedented depth of gameplay as you battle through graphically rich 3D environments.

Spider-Man 2 leverages the PSP's processing power to deliver the most realistic Spider-Man experience on a handheld platform.